Sunday, March 31, 2013


What a wonderful experience this has been! 

April will be the last month I host shows at Dewclaw.
I'm looking forward to this last show of work by Blythe Hager, "Gloaming"

In May, Todd Matus of LITMUS will use the Dewclaw space for an extended show of his own work. 

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special venture!

"The Things That Come To Pass: works by Perry Riley Jr., MFA"

Opening Reception: Friday, March 1, 6 - 9 pm
Show Runs March 1 - 23, 2013

 Born in 1970 in Danville, Il, Perry grew up on a farm in Indiana where he was greatly influenced by his relationship with Mother Nature. Perry's professional training includes a BFA in Printmaking from the Herron School of Art and an MFA in Printmaking from University of Texas at San Antonio, where he graduated top of his class, receiving numerous awards and recognition in both art history and a variety of mediums. Perry has mastered a wide range of mediums which enables him to create his unique works of art. He enjoys the fact that the gourd surface readily accepts mixed medium applications which allows for his layering process to develop richness.

Through his artistic ability, Perry transforms the common gourd into an object of power. He is inspired by the designs and surfaces of the old West that was once located East of the Mississippi, from prehistoric eras through the 1700's, including the transformation of the cultures as colonial history unfolded. As an educator, he conducts workshops that demonstrate and portray early American history in an engaging manner that is both upbeat and informative. Additionally, Perry instructs classes in contemporary art mediums and techniques while offering insights into the history behind the methods.

"I grow a lot of the gourds I use in my art work and it's an important part of my process. Gourds have brought all my interests of outdoor gardening, history and art together in one medium. I enjoy the fact that I can grow my own canvas. Gourds are literally the Tupperware of the old world and is an excellent way for me to reconnect with the Earth and human history."

Perry currently lives on a rural farm in Indiana in a log home and studio both of which he designed and built from period buildings he found and disassembled. His studio is located in the woods by the gourd growing fields from which he draws great inspiration.

For more information on this exciting artist, you can visit his website at and follow the link to his Facebook page where he regularly posts pictures of works in progress, thoughts, history and his involvement in various charities.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Things That Come To Pass: Perry Riley Jr., MFA

 We're excited to present Perry Riley Jr. in March. Perry will show a selection of gourds, drawings, paintings and watercolors that are unlike anything you've seen. See the "Current Show" page for more information about Perry's work.

Mega-Thrift Store Art Show and Sale

Jan 26 - Feb 9

One last big floor-to-ceiling display of Greg Brown's thrift art collection

 Reception: Friday, Feb 1, 6-9 pm
*All work is available for sale.
*All work is priced between $10-$20 (limit 2 pieces until end of show)
*All proceeds will be donated to Gleaner's Food Pantry.
On the final day remaining work is available at no charge.
Afterwards, it will be re-donated to thrift stores or to other interested parties.

For nearly 20 years, Greg collected and sold “thrift store art” from his two Utrillo's shops on East 10th Street in Indianapolis. In addition to his local thrift art patrons, Greg attracted several national dealers in naive art, who scheduled regular visits on their cross-country purchasing trips. This remaining group of “found” art contains a wide variety of imagery and objects, including snow scene paintings, Indy 500 scenes, and a framed display of poker hands.

Open First Fridays, 6 - 9 pm,  Saturdays 12 - 4 pm, and by appt. 317-375-0876
Use the South Studios entrance (1125 Brookside Ave, Indpls

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Cat Show", paintings by Greg Brown

What a great night! Thanks to all who stopped by on Friday. "Cat Show" will be up through January 19, and Dewclaw is open Saturdays 12 -4 pm, and by appt, 317-375-0876. Works are on loan from J. Williams, Shelley Ross, and Jennifer Martin.